Tire Services

Oakmont Automotive offers a number of tire services and tire repairs.

We have the right people and the right tires for your vehicle. You can stop by and have one of our tire specialists look at your current tire condition and how they’re wearing. They can provide specialized advice in recommending the right tire for your needs.

Tire Sales

Oakmont Automotive stocks more than 500 tires in our most popular brands like Continental, General, Bridgestone, Firestone, Hankook and Sutong tires. If you need tires that we don’t have in stock, no problem. We can get almost any brand at the “Lowest Installed Tire Price Guaranteed!” within a day or two.

We offer free rotations for the life of the tire.

Tire Balancing

We offer 2 different ways to properly balance your tires. 1) We use the wheel nut holes in your wheels to properly center the wheel on the balancer to give you a better balance and a smoother ride. 2) We offer ROAD FORCE balancing. The tire balancer applies over 1500 pounds of force to the tire while it’s spinning to simulate driving down the road. Once the road force is measured, it tells you if the tire needs spun on the wheel and where that tire should go on the vehicle to help the vehicle drive straight down the road.

Wheel Alignment

There’s no better way to keep your vehicle in proper contact with the road than with a proper wheel alignment. The best time to get a wheel alignment is with new tires or when any steering or suspension repair is done. When your wheels are out of alignment, they’re basically fighting each other instead of working together as you drive down the road. Vehicles can be out of proper alignment and still drive straight down the road. Sounds hard to believe. Look at the 2 pictures below.

In this picture the front tires are facing outward and fighting each other. If they’re facing outward equally the vehicle will drive straight but can have steering and braking issues and inner tire wear.

In this picture the 4 tires are facing in the same direction so the vehicles rolls down the road with all 4 wheels working together, longer tire life, and safer too.

Nitrogen Inflation

Proper tire inflation is one of the most over looked areas of tire maintenance. Most vehicles we see are 5 to 7 psi low! That’s an average of 20% low on air. Nitrogen inflation doesn’t leak out as much, or fluctuate tire pressures with temperature changes. This keeps a good consistent tire pressure. Makes your vehicle safer, tires last longer and better fuel economy. For only 5 bucks a tire how can you go wrong.

Tire Maintenance Tips

Maintain proper tire inflation. Every month tires loose 1 psi. In cold weather tires loose 1psi for every 10 degrees drop in temperature.

Rotate your tires every 5000 miles.

Inspect your tires for damage, see if they appear to be wearing evenly. Use a penny in between tire treads to check for wear. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head it’s time for new tires.

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