Common brake warning signs:

  • Squealing/grinding noise when applying brakes
  • Continuous squeak or chirping sound that stops when brakes are applied
  • Vibration when brakes are applied
  • When applied, brake pedal goes down too far
  • When applied, brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • When applied, brake pedal is very hard
  • The dashboard brake light is “on”
  • The brake fluid level is low

Oakmont Automotive technicians can perform a brake service that includes:

  • Machining or turning of disc brake rotors and brake drums
  • Replacement of disc brake rotors or brake drums
  • Brake fluid exchanging and flushing
  • Routine disc brake pad replacement
  • Routine brake shoe replacement
  • Anti-lock brake system diagnostics
  • Repacking of wheel bearings with new grease
  • Replacement of seals if needed
  • Cleaning and lubricating brake pad sliding areas and brake caliper slider pins
  • Making adjustments so the brake system operates properly
  • And so much more

Why Oakmont Automotive should be your #1 choice for all brake concerns:

At Oakmont Automotive we have developed diagnostic and inspection procedures that are unparalleled in our industry. These procedures enable us to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact needs and requirements. We use only premium parts based on your vehicle’s specifications. Maybe that’s why our customers have trusted us for reliable brake service and repair for over 20 years!

Additional Services:

  • Brake fluid flushing
  • Anti-lock brake diagnostics and more

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